Cast Your Vote: Ohio Archives Month Poster Images

Help select the images used for the 2022 Ohio Archives Month Poster!

This year for the annual Society of Ohio Archivists’ October Archives Month poster we asked for archival images having to do with the theme of Healthcare in Ohio. For the past two years, healthcare professionals throughout the country have helped us through a pandemic, so this topic is in the forefront for many.

We had so many great submissions this year from more than 20 Ohio institutions! The top 10 images to receive the most votes will be sent on to the designer for consideration in the final poster design.

Here’s how to vote:

  • View images and submit your votes in our Google Form.
  • Vote for up to 10 images.
  • Please only vote once.
  • Voting runs April 13-May 13, 2022.
  • (View past posters here)

Thank you,
Natalie Fritz
Cochair, Society of Ohio Archivists Advocacy and Outreach Committee

Questions on the poster? Contact the committee at [email protected].

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