SOA Marketing and Communications

Description: The Marketing and Communications Committee (formerly Public Information or PIC) is responsible for public relations and outreach for SOA through the process of generating content and maintaining the tools to communicate SOA information. Duties and responsibilities include managing the SOA website and social media accounts (Facebook, Flickr, ISSUU, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube), assisting in moderation of SOA Listserv, responding to SOA email inquiries, and documenting SOA events through photographs.

Contact the Committee Cochairs Janet Carleton and Emily Gainer.

Amber Bales, Miami University (2022-2024)
Janet Carleton, Ohio University (1999-, cochair 2021-2023 (2nd term))
Emily Gainer, Cummings Center for the History of Psychology (2020-, cochair 2022-2024)
Jane Wildermuth, Wright State University (2021-2023 (2nd term))

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