SOA Advocacy and Outreach

Advocacy and Outreach

The Advocacy and Outreach Committee is comprised of two subcommittees: Advocacy and Outreach.
– The Advocacy subcommittee is responsible for promoting advocacy in response to legislative issues that may impact archives, diversity, and the role of archives and archivists within society. The Advocacy subcommittee will facilitate access to resources that will aid archivists in advocating for the profession and collections to administrators and institutional stakeholders. It also communicates news from the National Coalition for History.
– The Outreach subcommittee is responsible for advocating the importance of archives throughout the state of Ohio through programmatic planning such as Statehood Day, Archives Month, and the I Found it in the Archives platform for sharing archival discoveries.

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Contact the Committee Cochairs Collette McDonough and Jim McKinnon.

George Bain, Ohio University Libraries, retired
Dana Best-Mizsak, Our Lady of the Elms School (2024-2026)
Connie Conner, Ohio History Connection
Amy Czubak, Ohio History Connection (2022-2024)
Natalie Fritz, Clark County Historical Society
Ken Grossi, Oberlin College
Jacky Johnson, Miami University
Christine Liebson, Case Western Reserve University (2023-2025)
Collette McDonough, Kettering Foundation (cochair 2022-2024)
Jim McKinnon, University of Dayton (cochair 2023-2025)
Laura E. Smith, Ohio University

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