SOA Membership & Awards Committee

About the Membership & Awards Committee

The Membership & Awards Committee has two primary functions:
1.) Recruiting and supporting new and renewing members;
2.) Supporting SOA awards.

In support of Membership, committee members identify events and/or organizations throughout the state in order to distribute membership literature. The committee is responsible for writing and updating membership literature, including the annual membership drive letter and membership brochure. It also maintains Internship and Volunteer Opportunities. See membership information for how to join SOA.

Do you know of a conference, event, or workshop to spread the word about SOA? The committee has everything needed to create an SOA promotional table. Items include tablecloth, signage, brochures, and pencils. Please contact the committee chairs to discuss tabling.

In support of Awards, committee members publicize the availability and standards of the awards, then select awardees according to the criteria set by SOA. SOA Awards are: the Merit Award, New Professional Scholarship Award, and Student Scholarship Award. The committee is also responsible for Ohio History Day involvement which includes judging for special SOA History Day Award.

Note: the Membership and Awards Committees merged in 2020.

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Contact the committee cochairs Jennifer Long Morehart and Stephanie Shreffler.

Devhra BennettJones
Mark Bloom, University of Akron
Helen Conger, Case Western Reserve University
Matt Francis, Ohio Northern University
Glenn Longacre, NARA
Marsha Miles, Cleveland State University
Jennifer Long Morehart, Bowling Green State University (cochair 2022-2024)
Cate Putirskis, Ohio State University
Stephanie Shreffler, University of Dayton (cochair 2021-2023 (2nd term))
Julia Teran, Case Western Reserve University (2022-2024)



Committee member Mark Bloom at the SOA table.

Committee member Mark Bloom at the SOA table.

SOA pencils

SOA promotional pencils are available for events!

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