SOA Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee annually prepares and submits a slate of candidates for vacant officer positions and Council seats. The committee is made up of the immediate past-president (who shall serve as chair) and two additional members of the Society who are not on Council. Committee members must serve at least one year.

Interested in helping to lead SOA? For more information about leadership in SOA, see the roles and responsibilities of positions document, current officers and council, and minutes, as well as other resources under this site’s Governance tab. Questions? Contact the current Nominating Committee chair listed below.

Nominations are generally sought in December and January, with elections during the Annual Meeting in the spring, and terms beginning at the end of that Annual Meeting.

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Contact the committee chair, Amy Rohmiller.

Michelle Ganz, Dominican Sisters of Peace (2023-2025)
Sarah Lubelski, Congregation of St. Joseph Archives (2024-2026)
Amy Rohmiller, Kettering Health Dayton (Past President 2023-2024)

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