Ohio Archivist Submission Guidelines

The Ohio Archivist is the official newsletter of the Society of Ohio Archivists. Its primary mission is to serve as a conduit for information about SOA and its membership. The Ohio Archivist also publishes articles containing general information about the archival profession, especially as it relates to archivists located within Ohio and the Midwest. (Approved by Council on 2/12/2010)


Jessica Heys, Editor-in-Chief, jess.sol.heys@gmail.com

Vacant, Features editor

Abigail Sachs, News editor, asachs1@kent.edu

Jenni Salamon, Digital Discussions editor, jsalamon@ohiohistory.org

Vacant, Newcomers editor


Each issue will contain a president’s message, list of current council members, and sections containing news and announcements.

An issue may also contain one or more of the following:

    • Feature articles
    • Short articles
    • Editorials
    • Spring conference session reports
    • Fall conference report

Submission and Style Guide

The Ohio Archivist publishes articles of various lengths. The following is only meant to serve as a general guide:

  • Feature article: 1500-2500 words. (An in-depth look at a topic of import)
  • Short article: 500-1000 words (Description of an institution, web site, exhibit, collection, workshop, etc.)
  • Announcements: 100-250 words. (Upcoming events, news tidbits, updates from allied organizations, etc. Please make sure to include who, what, when, where, why, and also how readers can access more information.)

All articles should be submitted via email as a MS Word attachment to the appropriate editor.

  • Submit short news items and announcements to: Abigail Sachs, News editor, asachs1@kent.edu
  • Submit articles related to Digital features to: Jenni Salamon, Digital Discussions editor at jsalamon@ohiohistory.org


Submission of images is encouraged. Images should be sent via email as 300dpi jpg attachments, medium quality (if more than 1 MB in size please contact editor for options other than email).
Submitted images should be sent in an email containing:

  1. The title of the article the images are to accompany
  2. Appropriate captions/descriptive information for each image
  3. A photo credit line for each image
  4. A statement acknowledging that permission to publish the image(s) has been obtained from the copyright holder. It is the responsibility of the person submitting the images to obtain copyright permission prior to submission.

Ohio Archivist follows the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition.
All submissions are subject to editing for length, style, and content.
Inclusion of any submission is at the discretion of the managing editor.

Publication Calendar and Deadlines
Ohio Archivist is published twice a year, at the beginning of April and the beginning of September.

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