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Standing Committees

Advocacy and Outreach

The Advocacy and Outreach Committee is comprised of two subcommittees: Advocacy and Outreach.
– The Advocacy subcommittee is responsible for promoting advocacy in response to legislative issues that may impact archives, diversity, and the role of archives and archivists within society. The Advocacy subcommittee will facilitate access to resources that will aid archivists in advocating for the profession and collections to administrators and institutional stakeholders. It also communicates news from the National Coalition for History.
– The Outreach subcommittee is responsible for advocating the importance of archives throughout the state of Ohio through programmatic planning such as Statehood Day, Archives Month, and the I Found it in the Archives platform for sharing archival discoveries.

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Contact the Committee Cochairs Jenifer Baker and Natalie Fritz.

Haley Antell, Kent State University
George Bain, Ohio University Libraries, retired
Jenifer Baker, Warren County Records Center & Archives (cochair)
Connie Connor, Ohio History Connection
Melissa Dalton, Greene County Records Center and Archives
Natalie Fritz, Clark County Historical Society (cochair)
Ken Grossi, Oberlin College
Jacky Johnson, Miami University
Collette McDonough, Kettering Foundation
Matt McShane
Amy Rohmiller, University of Dayton University Archives and Special Collections
Laura E. Smith, Ohio University

Educational Programming Committee

The Educational Programming Committee plans the Annual Meeting (spring), joint fall meeting with Ohio Local History Alliance, and professional development workshops. Activities include choosing a conference theme, solicitation and selection of session presenters, selection of plenary speaker, publication and distribution of conference announcements, and soliciting sponsors.

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Contact the Committee Cochairs Rachael Bussert and William Modrow

Rachael Bussert, Dayton Metro Library (cochair)
Vic Fleischer, University of Akron
Sherri Goudy, Independent archivist, researcher, and writer (SOA Vice President/President-Elect)
Betsy Hedler, Ohio History Connection (SOA/OHC Liaison)
William Modrow, Miami University (cochair)
Anne Ryckbost, Xavier University

Marketing and Communications Committee

The Marketing and Communications Committee (formerly Public Information) is responsible for public relations and outreach for SOA through the process of generating content and maintaining the tools to communicate SOA information. Duties and responsibilities include managing the SOA website and social media accounts (Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube), assisting in moderation of SOA Listserv, responding to SOA email inquiries, and documenting SOA events through photographs.

Contact the Committee Cochairs Janet Carleton and Amanda Rindler.

Janet Carleton, Ohio University (1999-, chair 2019-2021)
Emily Gainer, Cummings Center for the History of Psychology (2020-2022)
Christine Liebson, Case Western Reserve University (2020-2022)
Nick Pavlik, Bowling Green State University (2017-2022)
Amanda Rindler, Ohio History Connection (2019-, chair 2020-2022)
Jane Wildermuth, Wright State University (2019-2021)

Membership & Awards Committee

The Membership & Awards Committee has two primary functions:
1.) Recruiting and supporting new and renewing members;
2.) Supporting SOA awards.

In support of Membership, committee members identify events and/or organizations throughout the state in order to distribute membership literature. The committee is responsible for writing and updating membership literature, including the annual membership drive letter and membership brochure. See membership information for how to join SOA.

Do you know of a conference, event, or workshop to spread the word about SOA? The committee has everything needed to create an SOA promotional table. Items include tablecloth, signage, brochures, and pencils. Please contact the committee chairs to discuss tabling.

In support of Awards, committee members publicize the availability and standards of the awards, then select awardees according to the criteria set by SOA. SOA Awards are: the Merit Award, New Professional Scholarship Award, and Student Scholarship Award. The committee is also responsible for Ohio History Day involvement which includes judging for special SOA History Day Award.

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Contact the committee cochairs Matt Francis and Stephanie Shreffler.

Devhra BennettJones
Mark Bloom, University of Akron
Helen Conger, Case Western Reserve University
Matt Francis, Ohio Northern University 2018-2022 (cochair)
Emily Gainer, University of Akron
Glenn Longacre, NARA
Marsha Miles, Cleveland State University
Cate Putirskis, Ohio State University
Stephanie Shreffler, University of Dayton 2020-2022 (cochair)

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee annually prepares and submits a slate of candidates for vacant officer positions and Council seats. The committee is made up of the immediate past-president (who shall serve as chair) and two additional members of the Society who are not on Council. Committee members must serve at least one year.

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Contact the committee chair Robin Heise.

John Dewees, Toledo Lucas County Public Library (2020-)
Robin Heise, Greene County Records Center & Archives (chair)
Miriam Intrator, Ohio University (2020-)
Judith Wiener, The Ohio State Library

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee works with Council and is responsible for monitoring SOA’s mission, long-term vision, and development. The committee will track SOA’s progress towards reaching the goals and objectives laid out in SOA’s most recent Strategic Plan and aid in the development of future goals.

Membership will consist of the President, Past-President, and two Council-approved At-Large members. At-Large members will serve a 2-year term. An At-Large member term can be renewed once, upon approval by Council. At-Large Member terms will end in alternating years.

Emily Gainer, Cummings Center for the History of Psychology (At-Large) (2019-2021)
Sherri Goudy, Nerd Girl History Adventure (President 2021-2022 / Past President 2022-2023)
Robin Heise, Greene County Records Center & Archives (Past President) (2020-2021)
Adam Wanter, MidPointe Library System (President 2020-2021 / Past President 2021-2022)
Empty (At-Large) (2021-2023)

Task Forces

Social Justice and Black Lives Matter Task Force

The Task Force on Social Justice and Black Lives Matter is responsible for identifying, promoting, developing, and educating on antiracist and social justice resources, efforts, and actions for SOA Council, Committees, and Membership.

See charge and other details on the SJBLM page. | See all blog posts tagged BLM or Social Justice.

SOA Council Statement on Racial Inequality and Black Lives Matter. June 3, 2020
The Society of Ohio Archivists condemns violence against Asian American and Pacific Island people. April 8, 2021.

Contact the Task Force Chair Jessica Heys.

Devhra BennettJones (2020- )
Madeleine Fix, Nationwide Insurance (2020- )
Sherri Goudy, Nerd Girl History Adventure (Council liaison)
Jessica Heys, Kettering Foundation (chair 2020-2022)
Kristen Newby, Ohio History Connection (2020- )
Penelope Shumaker, State Library of Ohio (2020- )
Nicole Sutton, Columbus Metropolitan Library (2020- )

Representatives to Other Groups

Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board (OHRAB)

William Modrow (23 August 2019-23 August 2022) | Group website.

Regional Archival Associations Consortium (RAAC)

Janet Carleton (August 2017-August 2021) | Group website.


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