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Ohio Archivist Spring 2017 Issue – Out Now

Read the Ohio Archivist Spring 2017 issue! In it you will find your usual seasonal announcement for our annual meeting and also a recap of our fall meeting. Be sure to pay close attention to your 2017 list of SOA leadership candidates and read their personal statements. As well, you will find committee announcements; grant and award information; news from SOA members and member institutions from around the state; and also some great articles on data migration by Dan Noonan in DiGITaL Section and another consisting of first-person accounts on mentorships, edited by Stephanie Bricking in Newcomers. Enjoy!

For PDFs of past issues visit the Newsletter page.

Fall 2016 Ohio Archivist now online

The Fall 2016 Ohio Archivist is now available. Although it wasn’t the initial plan, this issue in many ways focuses on student archivists and new professionals. Feature articles by Madeleine Fix and Kelly Francis-Love discuss a student capstone project and an internship respectively. In Newcomers, Christine Schmid Engels “rethinks” the role of interns and volunteers. Also in this issue, Dan Noonan’s DiGITaL article sheds light on the ten year history of the SAA Research Forum. In addition, you’ll read about the goings-on of SOA members and member institutions, Ohio grant information, and as usual, a recap of our annual meeting and the announcement for the coming fall meeting. Check it out here or here!


Spring 2016 Ohio Archivist is out

Ohio Archivist, Spring 2016

The Ohio Archivist Spring 2016 edition is now available for download on the SOA’s website and at The Spring issue debuts an exciting new design format thanks to our friends at the Ohio History Connection and as usual contains many interesting pieces. Look for SOA’s Annual Meeting announcement, a recap of the Fall meeting, candidates’ statements for the upcoming SOA elections, feature articles on the National Coalition for History and OhioDIG, a Newcomers article, Daniel Noonan’s DiGITaL column, archives news from around the state, and much more.

Fall 2015 Ohio Archivist is out

The Fall 2015 issue of the SOA’s newsletter, The Ohio Archivist is now available for download on the SOA’s website and at In it find reviews of the 2015 Annual Meeting, a description of the upcoming Fall Meeting, SOA elections, archives news from around the state, and great pieces on internships, post-custodial theory, and the SOA’s Cuba Project of the 1990s.

Spring 2015 Ohio Archivist is out

The Spring 2015 issue of the SOA’s newsletter, The Ohio Archivist is now available for download from the SOA Newsletter website and at

In it there are some great pieces on encryption, handling hazardous materials in archival collections, and of course all the news from around the state. Also, be sure to check out the brand new recurring article called “Newcomers” edited by Stephanie Bricking which deals specifically with students and young professionals.

Fall 2014 Ohio Archivist is out

The Fall 2014 issue of the Society’s newsletter, the Ohio Archivist, is now available for download from this site and issuu.

Articles and news items include: “‘History’s First Draft’ Online: NDNP in Ohio” by Jenni Salamon, “What is Your Personal Digital ‘Ecosystem’?” by Daniel Noonan, News & Notes, Ohio Grant News, Annual Meeting Summary, Archives Month, Fall Meeting, Merit Awards, National History Day in Ohio Awards, and the New Professional and Student Conference Scholarship Award essays.

Spring Issue of Ohio Archivist Now Available

The Ohio Archivist editorial board is pleased to announce the spring issue of the Ohio Archivist is now available.

Access it from the Newsletter page. The more recent issues are also available through issuu at

This issue contains:


  •  An Archival Literacy Assignment by Leah Schmidt
  •  Disability: Uncovering Our Hidden History by Barbara Floyd
  •  Go-To Digital Resources by Daniel Noonan
  •  The Past is Prologue: Archival Literacy as Bridge between Archivists and Educators by Shelley Blundell

SOA and Ohio Archives News

  •  Annual Meeting Overview & Registration by Suzanne Maggard
  •  Archives Month update by George Bain
  •  Engaging and Attracting SOA Members by Emily Gainer
  •  Fall Joint Meeting Recap by Christine Schmid Engels
  •  News & Notes by Lisa Rickey
  •  Ohio Grant News by Lisa Rickey
  •  President’s Message by Judy Wiener
  •  Public Information Committee News by Jennifer Long Morehart
  •  Slate of Candidates by Jane Wildermuth
  •  SOA Committees–You are Invited! by Nathan Tallman