Survey Results! Reopening Procedures & Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic in Ohio

COVID-19 Re-Opening Survey Summary thumbnailA few weeks ago, the Society of Ohio Archivists Advocacy & Outreach Committee sent out a survey to Ohio archival repositories to gather information regarding reopening dates, effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on staffing, and new procedures and policies implemented in response to COVID-19.

We are now ready to share the Ohio Archives Repository COVID-19 Re-Opening Survey Summary (PDF), a visual representation of the results. If nothing else, we hope that this survey provides a general overview of how archives were affected for posterity. We hope that some might find reassurance in seeing others responding similarly and/or get ideas and guidance.

Discuss it at a virtual meet-up on Thursday August 13, 3pm.

Other new policies being implemented, mentioned by survey respondents in the comments are: appointments made for blocks of time, limiting researcher time, social distancing markers and increased signage, halt on new donations, reduced work stations, one-way aisles, 14-day self-quarantine after employees returning from hot-spot states, daily checklist for employees to ensure health, drinking fountains turned off, and gloves required for all handling

Please note that the survey opened and closed prior to the statewide Ohio mask order.

We want to say that with everything in flux and things changing on a daily basis, we understand that reopening plans and procedures may have changed considerably since the survey closed! We wish everyone the best with whatever they are doing at their organization!

Thank you! The Advocacy and Outreach Committee.

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Questions? Contact the Advocacy and Outreach Committee Cochairs Natalie Fritz and Jenifer Baker.

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