SOA Election Results 2022

Amy Rohmiller

Amy Rohmiller, President

For the third year in a row, the Society of Ohio Archivists held its normally scheduled election online. Results were announced at the Annual Meeting on May 20.

SOA would like to welcome the following new leaders:

Melissa Dalton

Melissa Dalton, Vice President/President Elect

  • Amy Rohmiller, University of Dayton, President (2022-2023)
  • Melissa Dalton, Greene County Records Center & Archives, Vice President/President-Elect (2022-2023)
  • Brittany Hayes, The University of Akron, Treasurer (2022-2024)
  • Sule Holder, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum – Library & Archives, Council (2022-2024)

A big thank you to Rachael Bussert and Matt Francis for running, and the Nominating Committee. Also, thank you to everyone who participated!

Sule Holder

Sule Holder, Council

Brittany Hayes

Brittany Hayes, SOA Treasurer

For more on the new officers and Council member, see the Candidate Statements beginning on page 5 in the Ohio Archivist, spring 2022.

Officer Transitions

  • Melissa Dalton, Greene County Records Center & Archives, transitions from Council Member to Vice President/President-Elect.
  • Sherri Goudy, Nerd Girl History Adventure, transitions from President to Past-President.
  • Lisa Rickey, Wright State University, transitions out of SOA Leadership. Thanks to Lisa for her work as treasurer.
  • Adam Wanter, MidPointe Library System, transitions from Past President. Thank you to Adam for his leadership!

Committee Leadership Appointments and Departures

Another big thank you also goes out to outgoing, incoming, and reappointed committee leadership:

  • Advocacy and Outreach Committee: Welcome to Collette McDonough, Kettering Foundation as cochair.  Natalie Fritz, Clark County Historical Society and Jenifer Baker, Warren County Records Center & Archives ended their cochair terms.
  • Educational Planning Committee: Welcome to incoming Cochairs Katie Jarrell, University of Dayton (2022-2024) and Adam Wanter, MidPointe Library System (2022-2023).  Thank you to Anne Ryckbost, Xavier University and Rachael Bussert, Dayton Metro Library, who cycled off as cochairs.
  • Marketing and Communications Committee: Emily Gainer, Cummings Center for the History of Psychology (2022-2024) joins current Cochair Janet Carleton, Ohio University (2021-2023).
  • Membership and Awards Committee: Jennifer Long Morehart, Bowling Green State University (2022-2024) joins current Cochair Stephanie Shreffler, University of Dayton (2021-2023).  Matt Francis, Ohio Northern University, term as cochair ended.
  • Nominating Committee: Adam Wanter, MidPointe Library System, whose term comes to an end, as the chair position resides with the Past President. Sherri Goudy, Nerd Girl History Adventure assumes the role of chair.
  • Ohio Archivist: Jessica Heys, Kettering Foundation, was appointed editor of Ohio Archivist (2022-2023).

For more information see the Officer and Council Member roster, Committees & Task Forces page, and the Nominating Committee page.

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