Archives Month Poster 2023 Announcement

Celebrate American Archives Month in Ohio with the 2023 poster

An image of the 2023 Ohio Archives Month poster. The text Land, Water and Air is in the center with an orange banner around it. Historic images surround the text.

Ohio Archives Month poster 2023. Land, Water, & Air: Transportation in Ohio

October is American Archives Month! Each year, SOA creates a poster to recognize and celebrate Archives Month. The theme for 2023 poster is Land, Water, & Air: Transportation in Ohio. You can download and share a PDF of the 2023 Archives Month Poster. Thank you again to all those who submitted images for consideration!

In keeping with this year’s poster theme, during October the Advocacy and Outreach Committee will be highlighting transportation-related archives with Archives Spotlight blog posts.

SOA’s Archives Month activity is managed by the Advocacy and Outreach Committee. Questions? Contact the committee at [email protected].

Last Updated on October 11, 2023 by Emily Gainer