SOA Bylaws Revision Task Force – Call for Volunteers

Volunteers Needed for Bylaws Revision Task Force

The SOA Council recently decided to form a task force that is charged with providing SOA Council recommendations on possible updates to the SOA Bylaws. More specifically the task force has been asked to look at how the Bylaws can better support:

  1. Increased democratization of organizational decision-making.
  2. The improved efficiency of Council administration.
  3. The identification, and where practical, reconciliation of differences between the SOA Council Manual and the SOA Constitution & Bylaws.

Our goal for the task force membership is to have representatives from SOA Council, Committee co-chairs, and the general membership. Consequently, if you are interested in serving on this task force as a representative of the general membership please contact Vice President/President-Elect Matt Francis with your interest by Wednesday, September 20, 2023.

Additional Information

  • Timeline – We will work to get recommendations to SOA Council during the Spring of 2024 in order to support Council bringing any suggested revisions to the membership at the 2024 Annual Meeting.
  • Time Commitment – In support of trying to allow as much flexibility for volunteers as possible, my goal is that after an initial virtual kick-off meeting most of our work will be accomplished through email and Google Docs. That said, if/as needed we will look to schedule additional virtual meetings.

Thank you for your consideration and contact Vice President/President-Elect Matt Francis if you have any questions about the opportunity.

Last Updated on October 24, 2023 by Emily Gainer