Updates from SOA President about Committees

In an effort to keep everyone up-to-date Council wanted to share a listing of our current committees, committee chairs and Council liaisons. You may note that we have five new committee chairs: Janet Carleton (Educational Programming); Andrew Harris (Public Information); Elise Kelly (Advocacy and Outreach); Collette McDonough (Educational Programming); and Cate Putirskis (Membership). Please join me in welcoming them to their new positions. I would also like to take this time to thank our outgoing chairs for their service: Shelley Blundell (Educational Programming); Ron Davidson (Membership); and Jennie Thomas (Advocacy and Outreach). We appreciate your service and enjoyed working with you over the past year!

If you are interested in volunteering to work with a committee, please contact the committee chair using the email address provided. To learn more about each of the committees, please visit: https://ohioarchivists.org/committees/. If you have previously served/are currently serving on a committee you should be hearing from your Committee Chair regarding current and upcoming projects.

We are looking forward to working with all of you over the coming year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me using my contact information listed below.

Committee Chairs and Liaisons

• Advocacy and Outreach
o Council liaisons – Ron Davidson and Robin Heise
o Committee co-chairs – George Bain (bain@ohio.edu) and Elise Kelly (ekelly@co.greene.oh.us)

• Awards
o Council Liaison – Lonna McKinley
o Committee chair – Devhra BennettJones (Devhra@lloydlibrary.org)

• Educational Programming Committee
o Council Liaison – Sasha Griffin
o Committee co-chairs – Janet Carleton (carleton@ohio.edu) and Collette McDonough (cmcdonough@kettering.org)

• Membership
o Council Liaison – Mark Bloom
o Committee chair – Cate Putirskis (putirskis.1@osu.edu)

• Nominating
o Council liaison – Judith Wiener (judith.wiener@osumc.edu)

• Public Information Committee
o Council Liaison – Jennifer Brancato
o Committee chair – Andrew Harris (andrew.harris@wright.edu)

Thank you,

Jillian Carney
SOA President 2015-2017

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