Recordings & Speaker Slides from Fall 2021 Meeting Available

The 2021 annual Ohio Local History Alliance and Society of Ohio Archivists fall meeting (virtual), was held Thursday September 30-Saturday October 2, with the theme of Challenge Accepted: Overcoming Obstacles.

See the SOA 2021 Meeting page for more details and the links to SOA Track recordings (hosted by OHLA on YouTube) and speaker slides. (All sessions captured by OLHA can be seen on OLHA’s 2021 meeting page.)

Recordings are available for the plenary sponsored by Ohio Humanities, “Making the Local Universal: How Hidden Histories in Ohio Communities Can Broaden Audiences and Bring More Support,” with Dr. Anna-Lisa Cox; “Making Your DPLA Harvest Go Farther,” with John Dewees and Penelope Shumaker; “Community Partnership for the Preservation of Jewish History in the Mahoning Valley” with Martha Bishop, Hannah Klacik, Kayla Metzger, and Sarah Wilschek; and “Lessons Learned: Adapting Collections Care in a Global Pandemic” with Dyani Feige.

Questions? Contact the SOA Educational Programming Committee Cochairs Rachael Bussert and Anne Ryckbost.

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